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We now offer a professional resin 3D printing service*. These commercially licensed products are printed, cleaned and solidified with the most care. They can be used for your Warhammer 40.000 ™ or Age of Sigmar ™ wargames (decorating your gaming tables or bases, making conversions, etc.) or to enchant your players with role-playing games sush as Dungeons and Dragons ™.

All products available in this section are in "print on demand". You must therefore count a delay of 2 to 3 weeks before shipping, depending on the orders.

If you have personal projects to print your STL, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or at contact@bitzarium.com.

Note: Despite the attention and care given to our impressions, it is possible that there are traces of "supports". You can eliminate them simply with a cutter blade and/or with sanding paper.

*this service is currently only available for some European countries due to a limited choice of carriers to ensure maximum protection (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom).


Bitzarium offers you 3D resin HD printing of the...

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Circus Rings And Magician’s Hat

Circus Rings And Magician’s...

Dimensions (approximate): Ring 1 : 26mm x 22mm x 81mm Ring 2 : 23mm x 20mm x 74mm Hat : 12mm x 9mm x 10mm

Water Well

Dimensions (approximate): 53mm x 52mm x 44mm
Farming Props

Farming Props

Dimensions (approximate): Hay : 53mm x 54mm x 36mm Hay Box : 33mm x 27mm x 17mm Pitchfork: 11mm x 4mm x 43mm Wheelbarrow : 17mm x 37mm x...


Dimensions (approximate): 36mm x 40mm x 62mm


Dimensions (approximate): 128mm x 66mm x 87mm


Dimensions (approximate): 114mm x 110mm x 105mm 9h 116ml 4.05€ + 7h 18 0.62
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