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In the sections "TERMS OF SALE", "LEGALS", "SHIPPING & RETURNS" and on the website www.bitzarium.com, "We" is the Seller or the Retailer, so LP BITZ SAS, owner of the website http://www.bitzarium.com, and "You", is the Customer or the Consumer.

These positions imply rights and duties defined by French law falling to the aforesaid parties.


These Terms of Sale apply in each purchase made on the website www.bitzarium.com which reserves the right to modify them at any time.

The applicable terms of sale are those appearing on the website www.bitzarium.com to the exact date of your ordering process.

Any order involve your unquestionable acceptance of these Terms of Sale that apply excluding another terms.

You aknowledge that you made an informed choice of the products that meet your needs and find on the LP BITZ SAS website all the informations and advices that you need to conclude this commitment.


There is no business relationship between you and LP BITZ SAS before the final confirmation of your order ("double click" principle).


In the event of non-compliance of the aforesaid duties (or set out in these Terms of Sale) by our customers, the sale can be cancelled and the goods returned to LP BITZ SAS in its discretion, without prejudice to any damages which it could assert against you, within 8 working days after giving formal notice remained ineffective.





Each product sold on www.bitzarium is exclusive property of LP BITZ SAS until its full payment.

The aforementioned property will be transferred  following this condition and, to the exclusion of all legal obligation LP BITZ SAS is responsible for, you’ll take responsibility for these above-mentioned products.






Characteristics of products sold on www.bitzarium.com will be, without exception, defined on the pages, menus, categories, subcategories and own spaces of each reference, notably thanks to their name, their quantity, their position and, as far as possible, their pictures (we inform you that a comfortable representation of the products could distort their real scale).

If you have any doubts about characteristics of our products and services, please contact us at this address.





The availability level of the products will be permanently displayed on www.bitzarium.com pages for each reference.

If products are for a moment out of stock during the signing of the order, LP Bitz SAS reserves the right to refuse the order, to refund you or to consult you in order to choose another reference(s) sold to an identical price on the website.





Products proposed on www.bitzarium.com are sold at prices displayed on the aforesaid website at the date of registration of your order by our team.

All the prices are in euro (€) and Inclusive of Tax (tax incl.).

Handling charges, shipping and/or delivery charges aren't included in these prices: when they exist, you'll pay them in addition and they'll be easily identifiable anytime thanks to the permanent display of your cart on the website before any final validation or payment.

See "SHIPPING & RETURNS", please.


All of the discounts, sales and other advantages will be communicated by stipulating their scope, including their period of validity, the way to benefit from them and their prices either in euro (€) or expressed as a percentage (%).


Please note that the display of prices in other currencies is indicative: it's not an official converion of the european currency leading to the conclusion of the contract of sale.

Payments made in another currency than the euro (€) will be converted by competent bodies: only this operation will establish the amount due.




Price is payable at the order in its entirety the day of the signing of the aforementioned order, by way of our payment interface managed by Paypal ™ according to methods defined below.


After definitive validation of your order, you can choose one of these methods of payment:


- debit card

- Paypal™ account

- bank transfer on the account:

BPALC: 14707 00046 32521349103 12 EUR

IBAN: FR76 1470 7000 4632 5213 4910 312 / BIC: CCBPFRPPMTZ

You have 48H to make the transfer with effect from the validation of your order.

The settlement failure of the amount due to LP BITZ SAS within 5 clear days will lead to the automatic cancellation of the order.


Your orders will be processed as soon as amounts owed will be the object of a definitive payment attested by organization managing the transactions.


In order to process as fast as possible and to prevent any fraud, we don’t accept cheques.

We thank you for your understanding.






Products sold by LP BITZ SAS benefit, according to French law:

-  from the legal conformity guarantee

-  from the legal warrantee against hidden defects from a design failure or a manufacturing defect affecting products delivered and rendering them unfit to their final use

- from the manufacturer's warranty, if however the product benefit from it.


Due to the specific nature of the products sold on www.bitzarium.comLP BITZ SAS shall not proceed to any repair in case of lack of conformity.

So the customer could choose an exchange.

If an exchange is impossible, the customer could choose between the return of the product with its complete refund or keep the product with a partial refund.


Any warranty doesn't apply to inappropriate use, purposeful destruction, normal wear of the goods sold on www.bitzarium.com or neglect of your part.





LP BITZ SAS is no way responsible of damages caused by the use of products sold on its website, notably malicious or inappropriate. 

LP BITZ SAS is no way responsible of non-compliance of the legislation of the countries where products are delivered: you have to check it before.











Orders placed on www.bitzarium.com website are first shipped by La Poste (the French national postal service) and Mondial Relay, then carried by the Universal Postal Union, so most of the national postal services of the world (like Royal Mail, USPS, BPost, Canada Post, Deutsche Post and so on).

The complete list of the member countries is available on the UPU website: htt://www.upu.int





Goods ordered on www.bitzarium.com benefit from a qualitative processing appropriate to give them the best possible security during their shipment. We use blister packs, protective bubble pouches and large waterproof envelopes to avoid any potential break. Each packaging respects the national postal services standards.

Therefore, the LP BITZ SAS customers benefit from attractive shipping charges and fast, secured, or even tracked delivery.


Shipping with tracking number is optional and available for these countries:

Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, USA, Finland, Great Britain, Hong-Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland.





Caution: we remind to all customers that orders may be subjected to customs controls generating costs they are responsible for exclusive. LP BITZ SAS denies any responsibility on the subject.

Shipping charges are all-inclusive: they include participation to packaging and postage.


La Poste - Tracked shipment - FRANCE & OUTRE-MER

< 10.00€ < 45.00€ > 45.00€
France 2.75€ 3.75€ OFFERED*

La Poste - Tracked shipment - INTERNATIONAL

< 10.00€ < 45.00€ > 45.00€
World 4.75€ 5.75€ OFFERED*

* : OFFERED FROM 45 EUROS TTC INCLUDING PURCHASES (only on the section "Bits" of the site, shipping not included)

Mondial Relay - Pick-up Point - Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain

< 0.5kg < 1kg < 2kg < 3kg < 5kg < 7kg < 10kg < 15kg < 30kg
Belgium 6.75€ 7.50€ 8.25€ 9.00€ 10.25€ 12.75€ 15.00€ 17.75€ 21.75€
Spain 9.00€ 9.25€ 10.25€ 11.00€ 13.00€ 14.75€ 17.50€ 22.00€ 31.00€
France 6.75€ 7.50€ 8.25€ 9.00€ 10.25€ 12.75€ 15.00€ 17.75€ 21.75€
Luxembourg 6.75€ 7.50€ 8.25€ 9.00€ 10.25€ 12.75€ 15.00€ 17.75€ 21.75€

Mondial Relay - Home delivery - Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom

< 0.5kg < 1kg < 2kg < 3kg < 5kg < 7kg < 10kg < 15kg < 30kg
Germany 11.50€ 11.50€ 12.50€ 13.25€ 14.50€ 16.00€ 18.25€ 21.75€ 32.40€
Austria 13.25€ 13.25€ 14.50€ 15.75€ 18.00€ 20.25€ 24.50€ 29.25€ 40.25€
Belgium 11.50€ 11.50€ 12.50€ 13.25€ 14.50€ 16.00€ 18.25€ 21.75€ 32.40€
Spain 12.25€ 12.25€ 13.50€ 14.75€ 17.00€ 19.25€ 22.50€ 28.00€ 39.25€
Italy 13.25€ 13.25€ 14.50€ 15.75€ 18.00€ 20.25€ 24.50€ 29.25€ 40.25€
Luxembourg 11.50€ 11.50€ 12.50€ 13.25€ 14.50€ 16.00€ 18.25€ 21.75€ 32.40€
Netherlands 11.50€ 11.50€ 12.50€ 13.25€ 14.50€ 16.00€ 18.25€ 21.75€ 32.40€
Portugal 13.25€ 13.25€ 14.50€ 15.75€ 18.00€ 20.25€ 24.50€ 29.25€ 40.25€
United Kingdom 12.25€ 12.25€ 13.50€ 14.75€ 17.00€ 19.25€ 22.50€ 28.00€ 39.25€




All of the orders placed on the website www.bitzarium.com are processed within a time span of between 24 hours and 48 hours as soon as validation of your payment, on the period of working days of a French calendar year, from Monday to Friday, not including French public holidays.

Any deviation to this processing time of the orders will be fully justified on the website www.bitzarium.com.


Then you add shipping times of the haulage contractor, 2 to 5 working days for metropolitan France and 3 to 8 working days for EU.

For the rest of the world, shipping times vary depending on destinations, but the average shipping deadline noted is between 5 and 19 working days.


So, the global delivery time is 10 working days maximum (although the standard delivery time noted is between 48h and 5 working days) for metropolitan France and 30 working days maximum (although the standard delivery time noted is between 3 and 8 working days) for EU.


For the rest of the world, the global delivery time is 30 working days maximum (although the standard delivery time noted is between 6 and 15 working days).


Display of the order status progression is provided for information purposes only and a time-lag, positive or negative, in scrupulous observance of the times noted above, may exist.

LP Bitz SAS specifies that any delay due to force majeure will entails no compensation (article 1148 C. Civ.).

LP Bitz SAS doesn't make any guarantee to that effect.





By "grouped orders sending", we mean only one shipping including at least two orders bound for one and same customer.


Till the receipt of the e-mail "We are processing your order" bound to your first order, the "grouped orders sending" is available free provided that you make the request beforehand with LP BITZ SAS to this address by giving the number(s) of order(s) concerned.

A request must be made on the aforesaid conditions for each order (by giving the number of the concerned order) from the second if you wish to benefit from grouped sending mode.


From second order included in "grouped orders sending", the customer will have to pay, for each cart equal to or less than 2,50 € of products, a fee of 0,25 € corresponding to bank charges.

Once your application processed by LP BITZ SAS, we'll give you a single discount code to use when finalising your second (or last) order: this one will allow you to cancel shipping charges to pay from the second order.

We'll proceed to shipping of your orders from the end of this process.


In the context of "grouped orders sending", if the set threshold to the article 3 of this title (allowing you to benefit from free shipping charges) is reached thanks to the cumulation of your second order, you'll pay only shipping charges on your first order: a single shipping, but different carts.





Till your receipt of the e-mail "We are processing your order", you can cancel any current order with a request to LP BITZ SAS, which will proceed, in the exclusive cases of credit card payment or of payment with Paypal account, to its refund by Paypal transfer on your bank or Paypal account.


Till your receipt of the e-mail "Payment for your order was successfully processed"you can cancel any current order with a request to LP BITZ SAS in the exclusive cases of payment choice by bank transfer not yet being done or not yet registered by our bank.

With regards to bank transfer, once done and registered by our bank and at your the receipt of the e-mail "Payment for your order was successfully processed", any request of cancellation will be subject to the complete refund of the products comprising your order by bank transfer, minus the shipping charges of the aforesaid order (including, according to article 2, all its single-use packaging, used during the processing) and the possible bank transfer charges, this last two are your exclusive responsibility.


Till your receipt of the e-mail "We are processing your order", any request of cancellation received by LP BITZ SAS will follow return process explained at paragraph 10 of this article 6.


Any order placed on www.bitzarium.com whose payment will be rejected or opposed as a result of fraudulent use of means of payment shall be automatically cancelled.


LP BITZ SAS advises you that each returnwithout exceptionshould be packed with care to protect the products, at the risk of refusal of cancellation of your order.


Likewise, any return with incomplete references (each will be consistent with its picture on the website at its return time) mentioned on your order summary and/or on your invoice, as well as any deterioration of the products by you shall not give rise to any refund, compensation or return of goods.


If, despite our strict checks to the products during your order processing, you notice any defect or damage due to the shipping, you can return your order, only to the terms aformentioned in the two previous paragraphs, and where appropriate, we'll proceed either to the exchange, or to the refund of your purchases, at the discretion of LP BITZ SAS.


Before any request of return or refund in the context of the terms defined in this paragraph, for claim(s) to the haulage contractor and for quality control, LP BITZ SAS will ask to its customers to send to this address one or more clear picture(s) , in order to prove unambiguously of the defect(s) and/or the damage(s).

Upon prior request, you can also be compensated with a discount code, whose amount could be deductible on a next order without restriction.


Finally, if you aren't totally satisfied with our products, you have 14 clear days (article L.121-21 of the Code de la consommation), from the receipt of the goods, to return all or part of your order, to these terms:


- see paragraphs 6 and 7 of this article 6


- the aimed products will have to be returned at your sole expense and benefit from shipping with proof of deposit (tracking number or delivery against signature)


Failure to these terms will cancel this option, whose consequences are defined in this article 5, paragraphs 6 and 7.


Once the return process accepted by LP BITZ SAS to the aforesaid conditions, we'll propose you, from our receipt of the goods, the refund of the order within 14 days.





All of the products ordered on www.bitzarium.com will be shipped to the delivery address registered by the customer on his Bitzarium account during the placement of their order.

When you register on www.bitzarium.com and create a Bitzarium personal account, you have to register a valid mail address: otherwise, LP BITZ SAS is in no way responsible for mail and/or notification non-receipt and any adverse effects induced by such a mistake.

LP BITZ SAS is in no way responsible, notably for non-delivery of the products (you should have to contact the haulage contractor) in case of mistake(s) on the address registered on your Bitzarium account for the shipping of your order.

In this case, the customer will be exclusively responsible of all the charges and costs of the return, failing which LP BITZ SAS reserves the right to suspend all return, or even to cancel the order within 8 clear days and refund the customer (the customer is responsible of the transaction bank charges and of the original shipping costs).


LP BITZ SAS specify that each tracked order along with a proof of delivery with the haulier will not give rise to claims in case of delivery notification justified by the haulier.

In this context, LP BITZ SAS is no way responsible of a security breach of your mailbox or of the private/public deposite location of the parcel, as well as every fraudulent intercept of the parcel in the private place of receipt after its delivery or every access of the aforesaid places by other providers that those appointed by LP BITZ SAS.

If you didn't receive your order after the delivery deadlines referred to article 4, we considere there was an incident with the shipping: contact your postman and your post office, please.

To improve your orders safety, we encourage you to select a delivery mode against receipt (see article 3).













Nominal capital: 2000 €

Head Office: 13 rue de la Citadelle - 54000 Nancy - France

RCS NANCY 878 622 240 - APE Code 4791B

Intra-European VAT number: FR 81 878 622 240


Tel: +33 (0) 7 49 48 79 42

(From Monday to Friday from 9:00 am till 12:00 am and from 2:00 pm till 6:00 pm GMT 1 / 2 summer time, except national holidays)


(Cost of the call according to country and operator)








Products included on www.bitzarium.com catalog are intended for well-informed designers and require some dexterity: they aren’t toys.

To warn any danger and unless otherwise specified, products sold on www.bitzarium.com are not suitable for children under 36 months due to their small size or their cutting / sharp aspect.





The website www.bitzarium.com, exclusive property of LP BITZ SAS, is governed by French legislation and submits itself exclusively to the competent French jurisdictions in case of dispute, whatever is its shape.





All of pictures, photos, logos, illustrations, moving pictures, drawings, slogans, and other graphical representation, of whatever nature, stamped « www.bitzarium.com », of the letters « BZA » or of the Bitzarium logo displayed on the website www.bitzarium.com or on potential blogs, forums, social networks and such additional virtual communication carrier, public, private, commercial or not, belonging to LP BITZ SAS or not, are either exclusive property of LP BITZ SAS and are registered with Copyright France without exception, or exclusive property of their respective authors and owners, who grant us trade concession or their kind permission.


We caution all of our visitors that all of pictures displayed on the website www.bitzarium.com illustrating the various categories or sub-categories of sold products are without exception photos of products for sale on www.bitzarium.com taken by Bitzarium staff and edited thanks to IT software.


The logo of La Poste is exclusive property of La Poste SA.


Reproduction, display or release, by any means, all or part, of intellectual works in infringement of copyright defined by law, of LP BITZ SAS, constitute an offense of infringement of copyright (art. L335-3 du Code de la propriété intellectuelle) which shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of 3 years and to a fine of 300 000 €.





LP BITZ SAS respects user privacy.

Even if you can browse on www.bitzarium.com without communicating personal data, provision of personal data is needed to provide you online services proposed by www.bitzarium.com.

In accordance with the law No.2004-801 of August 6th, 2004, LP BITZ SAS respects these principles for the processing of personal data:


- the www.bitzarium.com website collects personal data only to provide you services defined by LP BITZ SAS purpose and falling within the scope of code APE 4791B. Information will not be used for other purposes


www.bitzarium.com discloses information to any third party only if it’s necessary to achieve the objective(s) noted above. www.bitzarium.com undertakes not to disclose personal data for marketing or commercial purposes


- you have continued access to any personal data about you to ensure its accuracy and if you need, to correct it. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data on legitimate grounds, except if these data are gathered to fulfil legal obligations, if they are necessary to execute the contract of which you are a part or if they are used for a purpose to which you agreed to


- www.bitzarium.com website retains the data only as long as necessary to fulfil the stated purposes or for their further processing


LP BITZ SAS provides you an e-mail to contact its staff if you have some questions about this.


Finally, www.bitzarium.com contains links to third party websites: it’s impossible for LP BITZ SAS to control them and we encourage you to check their privacy policy.





This website is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop ® Limited.

Games Workshop ® Limited will not be liable for any accidents and claims from their products sold on www.bitzarium.com.

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