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Rhino / Predator Structure
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Sold not assembled. With this bits kit, you'll be able to build a Rhino / Predator structure independently of hatches and small accessories ( front armour plate, side doors, upper hatch, turret mount and rear ramp are included ). The best solution to add accessories and to create your own vehicles at a lower cost. Kit made up of these items :   2A2A-SMRPCG x1 - 1A0B-SMRPCD x1 - 1A1A-SMRPBS x1 1A1B-SMRPBI x1 - 1A1C-SMRPST x1 - 1A1E-SMRPTA x1 1A1D-SMRPTS x1 - 1A1H-SMRPCI x1 - 1A3B-SMRPPH x1 1A2C-SMRPG1 x1 - 1A2D-SMRPG2 x2 - 1A2E-SMRPG3 x2 1A2F-SMRPG4 x2 - 1A2G-SMRPD1 x1 - 1A2H-SMRPD2 x2 1A2I-SMRPD3 x2 - 1A3A-SMRPD4 x2 - 1A2B-SMRPVO x1 1A2A-SMRPBA x1 - 1A1F-SMRPT1 x1 - 1A1G-SMRPT2 x1
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