Adepta Sororitas

A huge selection of Adepta Sororitas bits for Warhammer 40.000 ™ from the eponym futuristic universe created by Games Workshop ™. Among which Arco-Flagellants, Battle Sisters Squad, Seraphim Squad or Repentia Squad.

For the God-Emperor! Unleash the fury of the faithful upon the God-Emperor's enemies.


The Arco-Flagellants category of Warhammer 40.000™ bits...

Battle Sisters Squad

The Battle Sisters Squad category of Warhammer 40.000™...

Seraphim Squad

The Seraphim Squad category of Warhammer 40.000™ bits...

Repentia Squad

The Repentia Squad category of Warhammer 40.000™ bits...

Paragon Warsuits

The Paragon Warsuits category of Warhammer 40.000™...

Celestian Sacresants

The Celestian Sacresants category of Warhammer 40.000™...


The Novitiates category of Warhammer 40.000™ bits offers...

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