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A category gathering numerous resin Forge World ™ bitz for W40K ™ of the Space Marine legion coming of Nocturne and commanded by Tu'Shan.


  • Pyroclasts
    A set of resin Forge World ™ bitz of the Pyroclasts created by Vulcan, primarch of the Salamanders of Warhammer 40,000 ™.
  • Salamanders Accessories
    Some resin Forge World ™ bits belonging to the Salamanders chapter for your Warhammer 40K ™ Space Marines and Terminators.
  • Firedrakes

    All of the resin Forge World ™ bits for Warhammer 40.000 ™ of the Salamanders Firedrakes Terminators are gathered here, like their Thunder Hammers or their Dragonscale pattern Storm Shields.

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