Imperial Fists

A large choice of Forge World ™ bits to customize your troops in the Space Marine XII Legion colours, the Imperial Fists of Rogal Dorn.


  • Imperial Fists Legion...

    This category of Forge World ™ bits proposes accessories to turn your Space Marines into Imperial Fists Mkiii legionaries for your Warhammer 40.000 ™ armies.

  • Phalanx Warder Squad

    Here is some Forge World ™ bitz of the Imperial Fists squads specialized in boarding shield and power axe handling, qualified for repel first waves of all the ennemies of the Imperium.

  • Templar Brethren...

    All the Forge World ™ bits of the guardians of the Temple of Oaths, the VIIe Space Marine Legion elite unit armed with combat shields and power swords wearing the Imperial Fists emblem.

  • Legion Cataphractii...

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