Traitor Legions

This Forge World ™ bitz category proposes some weapons, accessories and body parts to customize your renegade Space Marine legions led by Horus, like the Emperor's Children, the Death Guard or the World Eaters.


  • World Eaters
    The resin Forge World ™ bitz of the XIIth Space Marine Legion, the World Eaters, sons of Angron the Conqueror, are among these pages and especially those of the formidable Rampager squad.
  • Sons of Horus
    You'll find among this category some resin Forge World ™ bitz belonging to the XVIth Space Marine Legion, the Sons of Horus with various accessories, like Reaver attack squad bitz.
  • Emperor's Children Legion

    These pages receive the resin Forge World ™ bitz of the Emperor's Children Legion, the Space Marine IIIrd Legion commanded by the Primarch Fulgrim, with notably bits of prestigious Phoenix Terminators and Palatine Blades Squad.

  • Death Guard
    A selection of Forge World ™ bitz belonging to the Space Marine XIVth Legion, the Death Guard, once called Dusk Raiders and commanded by Mortarion.
  • Word Bearers
    You'll find in this section some Forge World ™ bits of Lorgar Aurelian Space Marines, primarch of the Word Bearers.
  • Night Lords
    You'll find here numerous resin Forge World ™ bits of the VIIIth Space Marine Legion of Konrad Curze also called "Night Haunter", the Night Lords, including those of the bloody Night Raptors equipped with jump packs.
  • Alpha Legion
    Some resin Forge World ™ bits sporting the Space Marine XXe Legion emblem of the primarch Alpharius.
  • Iron Warriors

    These page include various resin Forge World ™ bits in the colors of the renegade Space Marines IVe Legion led by Perturabo, the Iron Warriors.

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