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Horus Heresy bits

This category of Forge World ™ bitz groups a huge selection of bits compatible with Horus Heresy era from Warhammer 40K ™, belonging to Space Marines legions faithful to the Emperor as well as renegade chapters which went back to Horus, and notably the World Eaters, the Death Guard or the Emperor's Children.


  • Loyalist Legions
    A large selection of Forge World ™ bitz from the Space Marine legions loyal to the Emperor during the Horus Heresy. You'll find notably here some Ultramarines heads, Dark Angels torsos or Salamanders special weapons.
  • Space Marines
    A huge range of resin Forge World ™ bitz for Warhammer 40,000 ™ including armour variations of the Space Marine Legions worn during Horus Heresy (MKII Iron Armour or MKIV Maximus Armour, for example), Cataphractii or Tartaros Terminator bits and also all kinds of special weapons: Volkite weapons, Rotor Cannon, Ferrox Boltgun and so on.
  • Traitor Legions
    This Forge World ™ bitz category proposes some weapons, accessories and body parts to customize your renegade Space Marine legions led by Horus, like the Emperor's Children, the Death Guard or the World Eaters.

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