Black Templars

All sorts of Warhammer 40.000 ™ bits with Black Templars chapter's colours to equip and create new Space Marines commanded by High Marshal Helbrecht.


  • Upgrades Black Templar

    A range of weapons, helmets, and accessories for your Black Templars
        Customise your Crusader Squads and other Space Marines with a wealth of options
        Features powerful Relics with which to equip your Relic Bearers

  • Sword Brethren Black...

    You can found is this category a mix of melee and ranged weapons :  master-crafted power sword or Astartes chainsword in their right hand and a heavy bolt pistol, auto-plasma, or skull relic  .A  mix of weapons, including a heavy bolt pistol, pyre pistol, plasma pistol, Astartes chainswords, power swords, power maul, power axe, a set of paired lightning claws, or a thunder hammer. This kit also comes with a range of unique heads, backpack finials, and various tilting plates.

  • Chaplain Grimaldus &...

    In this categories you will find bits to assemble a Grimaldus Chaplain and his three Cenobytic Servitors

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