Leman Russ

All of the W40K ™ bitz of the Astra Militarum flagship tank, the Leman Russ, and those of its different patterns: the Exterminator, the Vanquisher, the Demolisher, the Punisher and the Executioner of the Imperial Guard.

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Leman Russ Structure
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Sold not assembled. With this bits kit, you'll be able to build a Leman Russ tank structure, independently of the turret, additional weapons and small accessories. The best solution to add your choice of turret, weapons and accessories  bearing your army emblems and to customize your own vehicles at a lower cost. Kit made up of these items :   1D7F-SMMORO x2 - 1D7H-SMMOHB x1 - 1D7H-SMMOGU x1 1D8B-SMMOCA x1 - 1D8C-SMMOPL x1 - 1D8E-SMMOBJ x1 1D8A-SMMOCH x1
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