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World Eaters

The resin Forge World ™ bitz of the XIIth Space Marine Legion, the World Eaters, sons of Angron the Conqueror, are among these pages and especially those of the formidable Rampager squad.


  • Rampagers

    Here is all resin Forge World ™ bitz of the wildest World Eaters squads, the Rampagers of the XIIth Space Marines Legion.

  • Red Butchers

    This page is dedicated to the resin Forge World ™ bits of the dreaded Red Butcher squads, the World Eaters Terminator specialized units.

  • World Eaters Legion
    This category gathers an outfit of Forge World ™ bitz and W40K ™ resin accessories to upgrade notably your MKII World Eaters legionaries.

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