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RGG precision nippers are carefully selected to remove miniature plastic components and scale model plastic parts from their frame.

These single blade nippers are perfect for a clean and precise cut, making the clipping process quick and easy. The cutters come with a distinctive and comfortable handle for optimal use.


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Like a hot knife through butter:

RGG precision nippers are made of high quality steel. With our clippers, you are bound to have the most delightful cutting experience!

The compact tip gives a precise, clean and effortless cut, required for the preparation of plastic miniatures. A set screw prevents the blades from closing too far thus acting as a protection to ensure that the blade does not become blunt.

Sharper than you think:

  • Extremely sharp single edge
  • Great cutting capacity
  • For plastic and resin only. NOT for metal!
  • Don’t exceed max 3mm
  • Keep the tool dry
  • Cover the tip with the plastic cap to protect the blade
  • Blade lightly coated in oil to keep the tool in prime condition (should be wiped off before use)
3 Produits
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